In Memory

This page is dedicated to horses and farm animals we have loved that are no longer with us. Please take a moment to enjoy some photos of these sweet animals that taught us so much brought us so much joy.

Frosty is a Thoroughbred we rescued at auction in 2011. He is now one of our most prized lesson horses. Frosty excells at dressage and also loves to jump (sometimes a little too much!). He has wonderful steady gaits and  great work ethic. He has made a great addition to our lesson program.

Dottie is a 26 year old Hanoverian mare. She has been a trusty show horse as well as hunt horse for several years and is now one of our best beginner lesson horses. She is as quiet as can be with little children but is still game to run and play on the trails and beach. She also produced two wonderful Hanoverian foals for us before becoming a trusty lesson horse. Dottie's favorite place is the beach.

Teddy is a Thoroughbred cross that was rescued from auction in 2010. He quickly turned into a star polo pony and eventer. He is the friendliest horse around and loves to work. His favorite activites include playing polo,  winning jumper shows, playing in his water though and receiving accupuncture.


Moe was saved from New Holland in 2011 after a life of steeple chasing in Maryland and Virgina. He is enjoying a more quieter farm life and loves to get spoiled by all our students and volunteers. He was adopted by one of our students and we are lucky enought to still be able to use him in lessons.

Our Other Animals

*Radley passed away in 2012..Radley is our resident Rabbit. He loves seeing our students and basking in the sun. He enjoys treats and frequently comes out of his cage for hugs and kisses.

Dante was rescued from the Unadilla auction in 2013. He is at least 30 years old and is the sweetest donkey around. He is frequenetly used for grooming and leading practice with the younger students and also for our Horse Care Club members.